Monday, September 8, 2008

The other member of our sisterly trio!


!!!This is Kristen here! We decided to dedicate an entire blog to our wonderful little sis Rachy! She is now the big 1-1. We cannot believe that she got any cuter than the lovely picture that is before you! If you do not believe us check this out....

This is Rachel also known as Rachy, the Rach attack, the Rachster, junior mint, smalls, short stop, little one, baby ray, ray ray, ro ro, and last but not least froobadee froofroo! Over the years there have been a plethora of great nick names and I am sure that there will never be an end in sight to the great things that will come to be Rachel's nick names!
Hello again bloggers. This is Kelsey shoutin' out about our little sister Rachel Naomi who is prettier than both of us combined. Yes, it is true. We have discussed it many times. She will have the robust womanly nature of Kristen, and the well endowed trunk of Kelsey. She will be tall and beautiful, and we will be jealous always. Again, we have discussed it many times.
So, like baby Krasty said, Rachel is 11. She is almost entering the years of the teens, and everyone is afraid. But she is definitely the cutest 11 year old in our hometown! She is the envy of all the other girls in our neighborhood, and I've heard that even some of the 13 year olds are jealous of her sweet good looks! Remember, that is Krasty and I combined!
This is Baby Krasty speaking again! As Kelsey rambled on about all the great things that Rachel is I was thinking about stuff..... (useless bits of fluff kelsey says) like how Physiology sucks but anyways, back to Rachel. Well we can't say any more great things about her just yet because this blog is about ME! So today I went to school.....
Hey, hey, hey. Whoa whoa! Baby Krasty tried to take Rachel's blog there for a minute. Sometimes it happens. Krasty has gotten way into this blogging thing!
Okay, okay, I got control of myself. I lost it for a second. My life is just so exciting. Like my job that blows, and school that blows, and how it's getting cold again....
That's it, I'm taking the keyboard away from baby krasty. She's getting a little blog hungry...
We will let her enter an entire blog about her sad little life tomorrow when Rachel is at school and not reading this novel-length blog.
We have to cut this off now, we both are becoming a little blog crazed. So, peace out world! Hope you enjoy our little sis as much as we do!
Rachel Rules!
~Kristen and Kelsey


Brynn said...

What am I chopped liver? I expect an ode to Brynnie!

Cadie said...

Maybe Rachel will be a teen model.