Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tyler baby!!

Hello friends! This is Kristen, our last blog got some reviews from our family. So we decided to adapt one of the suggestions given to us from our favorite cousin Cadie. So from now on I will be writing in blue and Kelsey in pink. The topic of tonights blog is our older brother Tyler.

What up! Yes yes, as baby krasty just said, we will be talking about our brother Tyler who is the oldest of the five children in our family. Tyler is now twenty-four and kickin' it at the University of Utah. (kristen is booing in the background) And I must say that I totally agree, Utah stinks! Anyway, the picture at the top is a pic of Tyler when he was a cute little one. But we would like all of our followers to get a view of the handsomeness that is Tyler now!

Wow. That picture is right after he went skydiving! All of us thought he was totally going to die, but he did live and we are grateful! Now he is majoring in English and working at the same law firm as our Mom! We hear that he is pretty rockin' at his job, good with all the folders and paperwork and all that jazz. Anyway, krasty is dying to talk about Ty ty, so back to her.

Well, what can you say about our big brother Ty Ty. He is a crazy cat as Kelsey had stated. He has always loved the scary stuff! Like the skydiving and the like. When we were at Lagoon he convinced us all to go on that huge swing thing. I don't think that I have ever screamed that loud, but Tyler was loving every minute of it. Also he was the one to convince our parents to go on the stratosphere in Vegas. That was one heck of an experience. You could hear mom screaming from the street and Tyler woohooing all the way.
Ah ha ha! Yes those were all good times. Let me elaborate a bit on the Lagoon swing adventure. I think it's called the sky coaster. So we waited in line for a while, and we finally got to start getting hooked up and all that jazz. Tyler and I had to be hooked up on the same swing, and so we were sitting there waiting for our turn. We watched these girls come back from the swing and get unhooked, and on the inside of one of the harnesses there was a total pee spot! Tyler and I just looked at each other totally shocked. Then we pointed it out to krasty and dad and we all just sat there laughing. Anyway, we finally got hooked up to the swing, and I got to pull the rip cord! We were so high up there it was crazy! I pulled the rip cord, and then I started screaming as loud as I ever have before! I think I was screaming so loud that it actually suprised Tyler. It was a way funny experience. I am chuckling even as I write this.
That was a pretty freakish experience. Kelsey scared the whole park with that death scream. Those are the type of activities that Tyler loves! He also obviously likes to drag us in with some of the crazy things that could kill you! But that is why we love Tyler! I am just glad that I did not get dragged on the skydiving adventure!
Oh well, i still feel a little sick, so I am ready to cut this one kind of short. But first, we have to do our traditional sibling nickname game!! Of course, many of these came from baby krasty and yours truly. Okay, let's see, Ty ty, T.J., Tyler James, T.Y.L.E.R, kristen would sometimes affectionately call him fathead, and I think one time I even called him tiddlywink!
I never heard her call him tiddlywink! That one is really creepy! So Tyler when you read this I am sorry if you ever felt scared when she called you that. Well to the 4 people that will read this blog I know that you know how great, smart and totally hot Ty Ty is. So give him a shout out next time that you see him!
Okay bloggers, goodnight!
~Kristen and Kelsey

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bringin' Sexy Back!

Hello to the followers of this blog! Well, for our third blog we decided our topic should be our little brother Mitch! I absolutely love the picture that is above, and that is why it is on our blog. It was when Mitch was a little bit younger, and way cuter than he is now. Now, he's bringin' sexy back!

Kristen, your opening thoughts....

Well Kelsey, I was just thinking how Mitch has been dead sexy all his life! I also love the photo that is above! But......check him out now!

Man he is one sexy beast! Well I can't say enough good things about my favorite little brother! He is A. Sexy, B. Awesome, C. Sexy, D. smart, E. sexy, F. unforgettable, G. sexy, H. a great dancer, I. I don't want to do this list anymore.

Well over to you Kelsey.....

Wow krasty, those were all indeed wonderful attributes of Mitchy match. Personally, I don't feel comfortable using the word sexy involving Mitch as much as baby krasty just did. But, you know, whatever floats your boat. So anyways, I do have a few thoughts about Mitchy. He, like our younger sister Rachel, has had some nicknames in his time. Given to him by krasty and yours truly of course. They include but are not limited to: Mitchy match, mitchy motor scoter, Mitch the mooner mania, Michelle, Shelly, (remember, these are all terms of endearment), Mitchster, Moe, Mickey, and last but certainly not least, P.I.M.P!! He can freak dance with the best of them!! (Proof of this can be seen if you play "The Way I Are" by Timbaland in his presence).

You are so right Kelsey!! Well I have always admired his freak dancing skills. I hope that one day he will teach me just how he does it so well! I do love that song also! "I ain't got a motor boat, but I can float your boat, listen baby girl...." Mitch has always 'had my back' when tough times came. This one time when it was Mitch and Me vs. Kelsey and Tyler, we totally took them down! Oh man, those were good times. I am pretty sure that we could take them to this day! Kelsey is pretty scrawny and Tyler has gotten a bit more plump around the edges.

Hold it. This is the point in the blog where I must intercede. First of all, when it was me and tyler vs. krasty and moe moe, Kristen was in charge of the initial blows. It was then Mitchy's job to hit us while we were down! We never stood a chance! Actually, the stats were probably even because me and Ty always had our wits about us, and we had the strategy part of the game.

Um.....I would take brawn over brains any day! Just if you were wondering what Krasty thought!

Nope nope. I would infinitely prefer brains. But that's just me. Okay, let's get back to Mitch. Mitch was actually the nice one when we were growing up. But that only lasted so long.... One time when we were kids, Mitch totally kicked me in the back of the head. I remember because it hurt so freaking bad and Mom came in and he totally denied the whole thing! I remember though Mitch, you can't deny the memories!

I was there! It was hilarious! Just if you were wondering what Krasty thought!

Okay, well let's tell a nice story now. Hmmm...krasty says she's got one! I'll keep thinking...

Well this one always makes me tear up.......not really but it is a nice story! Well it was last April or May and I was going to do the 25 mile bike race and really was not wanting to do it by myself and Mitch stepped up to the plate. So we agreed before the race that if one of us got a flat tire that we would have to leave the other to finish on time and get that coveted medal that we both desperately wanted! So about mile 20, I ended up getting a flat tire and we both stopped for a minute to find a pump. We alas, could not! So Mitch told me to get off my bike and he took it and lifted it on his back and ran for about a half of a mile while I rode along side. So as he was doing that we passed a cop and he looked at Mitch and said 'I wish I was as tough as you!' So then Mitch told me that I would have to leave him behind so I could finish! I did not want to leave but he made me promise that I would ride as fast as I could so I would finish the race! I rode to the finish line and got my medal! But Mitch found a road helper lady and fixed his tire and also won a medal! It was one of the greatest experiences ever! I would not have been able to finish or to even get that far without him! Kelsey is pretty pissed that I have taken this long and is rolling her eyes. So I am going to pass you over to her now!

Wow. She even managed to turn it over to me in more than one sentence! Geez Louise, and she says I tell long stories. Anyway, my great great story about Mitch! This one time, me and Mitch stayed up way past midnight and watched Bob Ross paint mountains, and trees, and happy little clouds! We were so mesmerized by his magnificent paintings, we had to keep watching. We just had to! So that was a good time. Also, over the summer I made him eggs and toast for breakfast and brought it to him in bed, and he was so suprised I actually did it, that he hugged me! I love it when Mitch lets me hug him, so when he hugged me, it was like unwrapping my own little personal Mitch gift!

Anyway! We could definitely go on for a long long while about our little Mitchy, but alas, (as krasty likes to say) we have to say goodnight! Through the thick and thin, Mitch has always been there and we would just like to say how eternally grateful that he has brought the sexy back to us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen sister!! (get it, she's my sister)

Yeah, that was totally Kristen. Anybody who knows us knows that that is totally Kristen's type of humor. And actually, she is still cracking up about it as I am typing this.

Goodnight bloggers, Mitch rocks!!

~Kristen and Kelsey

Monday, September 8, 2008

The other member of our sisterly trio!


!!!This is Kristen here! We decided to dedicate an entire blog to our wonderful little sis Rachy! She is now the big 1-1. We cannot believe that she got any cuter than the lovely picture that is before you! If you do not believe us check this out....

This is Rachel also known as Rachy, the Rach attack, the Rachster, junior mint, smalls, short stop, little one, baby ray, ray ray, ro ro, and last but not least froobadee froofroo! Over the years there have been a plethora of great nick names and I am sure that there will never be an end in sight to the great things that will come to be Rachel's nick names!
Hello again bloggers. This is Kelsey shoutin' out about our little sister Rachel Naomi who is prettier than both of us combined. Yes, it is true. We have discussed it many times. She will have the robust womanly nature of Kristen, and the well endowed trunk of Kelsey. She will be tall and beautiful, and we will be jealous always. Again, we have discussed it many times.
So, like baby Krasty said, Rachel is 11. She is almost entering the years of the teens, and everyone is afraid. But she is definitely the cutest 11 year old in our hometown! She is the envy of all the other girls in our neighborhood, and I've heard that even some of the 13 year olds are jealous of her sweet good looks! Remember, that is Krasty and I combined!
This is Baby Krasty speaking again! As Kelsey rambled on about all the great things that Rachel is I was thinking about stuff..... (useless bits of fluff kelsey says) like how Physiology sucks but anyways, back to Rachel. Well we can't say any more great things about her just yet because this blog is about ME! So today I went to school.....
Hey, hey, hey. Whoa whoa! Baby Krasty tried to take Rachel's blog there for a minute. Sometimes it happens. Krasty has gotten way into this blogging thing!
Okay, okay, I got control of myself. I lost it for a second. My life is just so exciting. Like my job that blows, and school that blows, and how it's getting cold again....
That's it, I'm taking the keyboard away from baby krasty. She's getting a little blog hungry...
We will let her enter an entire blog about her sad little life tomorrow when Rachel is at school and not reading this novel-length blog.
We have to cut this off now, we both are becoming a little blog crazed. So, peace out world! Hope you enjoy our little sis as much as we do!
Rachel Rules!
~Kristen and Kelsey

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello bloggers!!!!!

So......tonight Cadie Rae our favorite cousin called us and said 'hey do you guys blog?' and I was like 'no I am not a blogger as you would say.' So we proceeded to set up this sweet sweet blog. I hope that you enjoy our tales of adventure! Oh this is Kristen by the way! I will now turn the time over to my favorite sister Kelsey!

What up my internet peeps. If anyone is reading this blog, you are now our favorite person on the planet. But the only person that will ever probably read this will be our favorite cousin Cadie. So, Cadie this blog is for you!

Me and baby krasty have deliberated about what we were going to talk about in our first blog. We never anticipated how much we would enjoy this!! We feel that this is an honor and a privilege to be addressing the people of the world!! Or again, maybe just Cadie.

Onto our first topic....

We love cupcakes. Oooh, yes, cupcakes. Warm, delicious, cupcakes. Any flavor really. Just cupcakes.

Onto our second topic....

We love the movie Honey with Jessica Alba! So if Jessica is reading this, we love you! We think it is your best piece of work! Or if Cadie, you ever meet Jessica Alba, please tell her about this blog.

Onto our third and final topic...

Blogging. It is our new passion. We will be speaking to the world, or again, maybe just Cadie, so listen up people! We've got freakin' awesome stuff to say!!

Kristen and Kelsey