Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello bloggers!!!!!

So......tonight Cadie Rae our favorite cousin called us and said 'hey do you guys blog?' and I was like 'no I am not a blogger as you would say.' So we proceeded to set up this sweet sweet blog. I hope that you enjoy our tales of adventure! Oh this is Kristen by the way! I will now turn the time over to my favorite sister Kelsey!

What up my internet peeps. If anyone is reading this blog, you are now our favorite person on the planet. But the only person that will ever probably read this will be our favorite cousin Cadie. So, Cadie this blog is for you!

Me and baby krasty have deliberated about what we were going to talk about in our first blog. We never anticipated how much we would enjoy this!! We feel that this is an honor and a privilege to be addressing the people of the world!! Or again, maybe just Cadie.

Onto our first topic....

We love cupcakes. Oooh, yes, cupcakes. Warm, delicious, cupcakes. Any flavor really. Just cupcakes.

Onto our second topic....

We love the movie Honey with Jessica Alba! So if Jessica is reading this, we love you! We think it is your best piece of work! Or if Cadie, you ever meet Jessica Alba, please tell her about this blog.

Onto our third and final topic...

Blogging. It is our new passion. We will be speaking to the world, or again, maybe just Cadie, so listen up people! We've got freakin' awesome stuff to say!!

Kristen and Kelsey


Cadie said...

Did you know muffins are just bald cupcakes?

Cadie said...

And I must insist that you add some pictures of your cute selves.

Eller Family said...

You are two hot chicks!